5 Great Litter Free Alternatives To Confetti On Your Wedding Day

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Throwing confetti at the happy wedding couple is one of the great wedding traditions.  It’s said to date back to Ancient Egypt where it was believed showering the just married couple with seeds would bestow the gift of great fertility upon them.

However, as great as confetti is, and as a wedding photographer I do love to document those fabulous confetti showers, it does leave behind bit of a mess for someone to clean up afterwards.  For that reason, a lot of wedding venues have strict restrictions on the use of confetti.

Sedgebrook Hall wedding photography

But don’t worry, there are some great litter free alternatives to confetti, which mean you can still keep some kind of tradition for the exiting the wedding service.  So to help you out here are my 5 great litter free alternatives to confetti for your wedding day.

#1 Blowing Bubbles

No, that’s not number one in my list because I’m a West Ham United fan and always forever blowing bubbles, but bubble really can be fun and also offer some eye catching wedding photography moments.  You can have guests blowing all kinds of shaped bubbles above you and there are even bubble pistols you can use (as in the photo at the top of this post from Annique and Lee’s wedding day  at Waltham Abbey in Essex.)

If you fancy having guests blowing bubbles at your wedding, you will find a lot of bubble choices at Partyrama.

#2 Bobbing Balloons

Coming out to a line of guests all holding wonderful coloured balloons can look fantastic – and again make for some great looking wedding photos.  There’s so many colour and shape choices when it comes to wedding balloons, so you’ll always find something unique for your wedding day. But just remember to get helium filled balloons for a more graceful rising look.

You can find all kinds of wedding balloons at Bubblegum Balloons.

#3 Wedding Wands

Waving ribbon wands is an Irish wedding tradition which is becoming increasingly popular with modern wedding couples.  Ribbon and lace wands can add a whimsical and boho look to your wedding day day and looks great for any kind of wedding day.

You’ll find lots of wedding wand suppliers online, but for something more creative and unique for your wedding day, why not make your own?  It’s pretty straightforward  and luckily for you Gemma at the The Wedding of My Dreams blog has a useful guide to making your own.

#4 Little Wedding Bells

Of course, bell ringing is synonymous with church weddings but a really cute alternative to confetti, is having your guests tinkling little bells as you exit the ceremony. This creates an almost magical mood that is truly unforgettable.

Of course the bells can be attached to the likes of ribbon and silk, and there’s a vast array of tiny bells available at Etsy.

#5  Sparklers

There’s nothing new about sparklers at weddings, but they do add a lovely alternative to confetti.  Of course, you want to think about waiting until the evening, when the photography will look great.  You’ll also need to think about how the used sparklers will be disposed of and, more importantly, if the wedding venue will allow them – so make sure you speak to them about this.

You can find lots of choices online at Sparklers.

Surrey wedding photography of the wedding dress and confetti, taken by one of London's best award winning wedding photographers, Darren Lehane.

So as you can see, there’s plenty of good alternatives if you don’t want or are not allowed to have confetti on your wedding day.  There’s also plenty of suppliers who provide all these alternatives, so you can also shop around in addition to the ones I’ve found for you.

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