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So you’ve booked your wedding photographer, what next? After all, there’s months to go until your actual wedding date. Do you just wait for them to show up on your wedding day and start clicking away? Actually, no. So here are my 5 top tips for working with your wedding photographer up to your wedding day.

Stay in touch

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Make sure you stay in touch with your wedding photographer throughout. Keep them informed of how your wedding planning and arrangements are going and keep them informed of any changes that may arise. And definitely ask for advice during this time, even if it has nothing to do with photography! Wedding photographers are usually the most wedding experienced of all your wedding suppliers, after all there’s no other wedding vendor who spends as much time with you on your wedding day. So we usually know about about weddings and have good links with others in the wedding industry. So use your wedding photographer like a free wedding planner and tap them for as much advice, tips and suggestions as you can. Email, phone, tweet or text. Just make sure you stay in touch.

Share photo ideas

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Throughout your wedding planning and the build up to your wedding day, you’re going to see literally hundreds of photos for everything wedding related – from portraits of smiling couples through to macro shots of wedding cake decoration. If any really connect with you, then share these photo ideas with your wedding photographer. But be realistic too, if you find a beautiful photo of a couple embraced on top of an Alpine mountain, but your getting married at Sutton Registry Office, it’s unlikely your wedding photographer is going to be able to recreate the same image for you. But all the same, even so, photos can still give your wedding photographer an idea of the moods, compositions and edits you are drawn too. It’s all helpful. A better informed wedding photographer will provide you with wedding photography that is the perfect match for you.

Have a pre-wedding shoot

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If your wedding photographer offers a pre-wedding shoots, then definitely take them up on it. Not only will you get some lovely images of the pair of you in the relative calm of the weeks before your wedding day, but it’s also a great way for you and your photographer to get to better know one another before the wedding. This usually means the photographer will get an idea about how you both are in front of the camera and you will feel more comfortable. Come your wedding day your photographer won’t feel like a stranger and you’ll feel much more at ease, which can only mean one thing…better wedding photos! You can find details of my pre-wedding shoots here.

Provide a shot list

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A week or so before your wedding day it’s a good idea to provide your wedding photographer with a shot list. You don’t normally need to include things like the first kiss, cutting the cake or the first dance on it…after all this should be expected of a professional wedding photographer. Instead include details of the different family and group shots you will want on the day. The better prepared this all is, the smoother and more enjoyable it will be on the wedding day itself. Also, if there’s any specific or unusual shots you may want during the day, now’s the time to let your wedding photographer know. For example, perhaps there’s a secret spot at the wedding venue where you’d like a photo taking that wouldn’t be entirely obvious on the day. Providing this a week or so before means you’ll have a chance to discuss it properly and get further suggestions back.

Final timings and details

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Also, during the last week, you’ll want to ensure you’ve agreed things like the times you’ll want your wedding photographer to be with you in the morning. This is often something you won’t know until shortly before your wedding day. It’s also a good time to give alternate contact details in the event if changes or emergencies. Ideally you want to do all this a few days before your wedding day, as then it’ll leave you free to concentrate on other things during the last few days…or have a few relaxing days if you are really well planned, organised and extremely lucky.

So yes it pays to keep talking, planning and bouncing ideas off your wedding photographer in the build up to your day. Of course, if you’ve booked a professional wedding photographer worthy of the name, they’ll be pretty proactive in doing all this anyway and building a relationship with you that will go up to and well beyond your wedding day. But hopefully these 5 tips are helpful just in case!

If you’re getting married and would like to chat with me about your wedding plans, please do give me a call on 07920 422144 or send me a message via my contact page. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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