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Why I’m At War With The Wedding Photography Obvious

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I often talk about being at war with the wedding photography obvious. As a wedding photographer that may seem a little unusual. So what do I mean by that and, just as importantly, what does that mean for you as a couple looking for a wedding photographer?  That’s what I discuss and explain in this video.

A Democratic Approach to Wedding Photography

I must admit I did take and change a famous quote by fine art photographer William Eggleston who once talked about being at war with the obvious.  By this he meant everything and anything was entitled to be photographed – not just those usual cliches.  He often said he was camera lens was completely democratic.

As a street photographer who shoots weddings, I come to weddings with a similar approach.  I avoid all those cheesy cliches and tired old traditions often associated with wedding photographer.  I’m looking for fresh, original and authentic ways to photograph your wedding.  To document your wedding as it really is, rather than an artificial and faked version of one.

Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

The bride and groom enjoy their wedding first dance, at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, London

So I am going to be as unobtrusive as possible during your wedding day.  I won’t interfere, bark instructions, stage fake moments or ask anyone to say cheese.  I will remain discreet and document the real moments, real relationships and real emotions of your real wedding story as it evolves naturally.

Yes I’ll take some portraits and group shots. After all, even if you didn’t want any, it’s likely your family will want some for the wall or mantelpiece.  However, I keep these to a minimum and get them done as quickly as possible.  99% of my time will then concentrate on getting those natural moments from your wedding day.

It’s Your Wedding Story

A wedding guest helps an older guest in trilby and tie, button up his shirt

I want to photograph your wedding story rather than create some fantasy version of what people think wedding photography should be like.  That means documenting whats unique to your day, warts ‘n’ all.  I’m not going to photograph your wedding with an identikit template that was used at the last wedding or will be used at the next. I want it to be as unique as you are as a couple.

I’ll also photograph all those moments and stories you don’t see happening on your wedding day.

So that’s what I mean by being at war with the wedding photography obvious.

If that such an approach sounds an ideal fit for your unique wedding story, then I’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans.

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