Old Ship Inn Brighton wedding photography of the bride receiving comments about her wedding dress, during the bridal preparations

Back In The Day: Father of the Bride Looks On

Back in the Day

A random look back through my wedding photography archives

The bridal preparations can often be a slighty awkward time for the father-of-the-bride.  After all, he steps into the excitement and frenzy of the preparations which have usually been ongoing for a good few hours already.  The bride is getting ever more emotional as she gets into her dress and the wedding ceremony is getting ever near.  The bridal party are excitedly helping with hair, make-up, securing the dress and doing all those girly things that girls are normally used to doing.

On the other hand, the bride’s father – normally a little nervous and emotional himself – is seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress but often feels a spare part in the proceedings.  It can be a little like standing in the middle of Piccadilly Circus at rush hour and not being entirely sure on how to cross the road!

And this image, from Gemma & Rich’s East Sussex Wedding a few years ago, at one of the best wedding venues in Brighton, the  Old Ship Hotel , is a wonderful example of that.  Both mother’s are busy helping the bride, who is focused on her beautiful wedding dress, and all the father can do is look on – but look on he does with immense love and pride for his beautiful daughter. It’s those fleeting little moments captured that are key to my wedding photojournalism approach.


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