5 Good Reasons to Spend More on a Professional Wedding Photographer

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Once again, one of the top regrets of newlywed couples is having not spent enough on a wedding photographer for their wedding day. Of course, being a professional wedding photographer you’d most probably expect me to say that.

Wedding photojournalism of the ceremony at Woodlands Park Hotel in Stoke D'abernon near Cobham in Surrey

But don’t take my word for it. Recent survey results by The Registry Site, as reported by In Style magazine confirms:

when it comes to the top three wedding elements couples wished they had spent more resources on, again, their…photographer take the leading spots.”

Of course, there’s nothing new about this, after all you only need to do a basic Google search to find countless other surveys and articles where newlywed couples admit to regrets about not paying more for a professional wedding photographer.

So why is it so important to go that extra mile and spend more on a professional wedding photographer?  Well, don’t worry, here are my 5 good reasons for doing so.

#1 Your Wedding Day Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience

Surrey wedding reportage photography of the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at a wedding at Gatton Hall, Surrey. Taken by one of the best documentary wedding photographers in Surrey, Darren Lehane.

Yes, it may be a cliche, but your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your life.  Long after the wedding venue has been cleared, the wedding cake eaten, the wedding flowers withered and the wedding dress or suit is hanging forgotten in the back of your wardrobe it will be your wedding photography you return to time and time again to relive those precious wedding memories.

Given how important it is do you really want to take the risk of not paying to get the best professional wedding photographer you can?  After all, a professional wedding photographer will have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to deliver you the beautiful wedding photography you deserve.

#2 Your Wedding Photography is a Precious Family Heirloom

Colour wedding photography of the amusement and embarrassment of the wedding speeches, at the Bluebird in Chelsea, London.

When you marry not only are you uniting two families, but you’re also creating a brand new family.  Your wedding photography becomes the very first heirloom you create as a new family.  It’s something you will pass down through the generations.

A professional wedding photographer understands the importance of this and will be able to advise you on the best way of pulling together a lasting legacy from your wedding photos.

#3 A Professional Wedding Photographer Has Invested In Your Wedding Day

The best and most professional wedding photographers have invested heavily in all the photography equipment required to shoot your wedding day in the best way possible.  They have invested in insurance that protects you via public liability and professional indemnity cover. They have invested in training and in joining professional bodies.

In other words a professional wedding photography doesn’t cut corners. They will attempt to make your wedding day as risk-free as possible. When you invest properly in a professional wedding photographer they will have invested professionally in your wedding day.

#4 Peace of Mind

Do you really want to go through your wedding day worrying if you will get the photos your want? Do you want to have to direct your wedding photographer what to do or explain what you want?

By paying more to book a professional wedding photographer you are paying to get peace of mind. The experience, skills and equipment of a professional wedding photography deliver that for you!

#5  Wedding Photography is a Demanding and Pressured Form of Photography

Wedding photojournalism of a guest's photo on her smart phone during the home wedding reception in New Malden, Surrey. Taken by one of the best London wedding photographer's Darren Lehane.

Just because someone takes lovely photos of sunsets or flowers in spring, it doesn’t automatically mean they can photograph weddings.  Wedding photography is a demanding occupation, with so many potential variables and moments that can go wrong.

The experience of a professional wedding photographer counts for a lot. No two weddings are ever the same. You need a wedding photography with a proven track record of delivering beautiful wedding photography time after time. The best professional wedding photographers stand the test of time. Others simply come and go.

Book Me As Your Professional Wedding Photographer

So when you are looking to book a wedding photographer for your special day, don’t end up with the regrets many newlywed couples end up having. Make sure you pay that extra to book a professional wedding photographer…like me.

I’d be delighted to talk you about your wedding plans and deliver the beautiful wedding photography you expect.

So give me a call/text on 07920 422144 or send me a message with details of your wedding. I’ll be delighted to chat in more detail with you.



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