Street photography of people at a bus stop in Wallington, London.

The Street Photography Wedding Photographer in Wallington

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As people may know by now, my personal street photography is very important to me.  Not just as a creative outlet but also in my approach as a documentary wedding photographer.  It’s why I have on occasion been dubbed the “street photography wedding photographer.”

Urban Street Diving

So I’m delighted to have had some of my street photography featured on the Urban Street Diving (USD) website.  It was also nice to have been interviewed as part of the article.  Andreas, the guy behind USD had asked me a couple of time if I’d do a contribution for the website.  The idea being to do a very short and brisk shoot in a single location.

Street photography of a man with a cleaner in Wallington, Surrey.

So being a Wallington wedding photographer I decided to go out to try and shoot some street photography around Wallington.  You can see the results and read the interview me over on Urban Street Diving.

The Street Photography Wedding Photographer

So why is street photography so important to me as documentary wedding photographer?

Well, when it comes to your wedding photography story you want the real story of your wedding day being documented.  That will include all those emotions, gestures, glances and moments that will evolve naturally throughout your wedding day.  As a wedding photographer you have to be alive to these moments happening – anticipating when and where a genuine moment will happen.

Bridesmaid adjusts a wedding dress at the Brides home in Dorset.

Street photography helps me hone that skill.  If you can capture such moments in a candid and consistent way, over time, in public of strangers then it really helps when it comes to documenting your wedding story.

So being the street photography wedding photographer really does help me capture the real story of your special wedding day.

Contact Me About Your Wedding Day

If you would like to chat with me about your wedding plans and how I can deliver those natural, candid and unobtrusive wedding photos you crave from your wedding day then send me a message via my contact page.  Alternatively you can give me a call, or send a text, via 07920 422144

If you’d like to see more of my candid street photography you can do so at my street photography website.

Street photography of a caveman and taxi in Budapest, Hungary

So if you’d like a street photography wedding photographer you know exactly where to come.

Award winning street photographer DArren Lehane

Award-Winning Street Photographer

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Award-Winning Street Photography Wedding Photographer

Yes, it’s now officially announced…I’m one of the winners of the International Street Photography 2016 competition – run by PDN in conjunction with publishers Acuity Press.

Candid public photography of a girl and a penguin at London Zoo. captured by the street photography wedding photographer.

As a result of being one of the winners I will be featured in a book curated and published by renowned photography historian and curator Mr Colin Westerbeck.

To be chosen by Westerbeck, including other judges such as the legend that is Alex Webb, is extremely flattering and humbling.

The Creative Engine That Drives My Documentary Wedding Photography

As I’ve often said, my passion for candid street photography is very much the creative engine that informs and drives my natural documentary approach to wedding photography.  To be awarded by such legends, not just in street and documentary photography, but photography as a whole, demonstrates how seriously I take my work.

Candid public photography of a speaker with inflatable dinosaur at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. captured by the street photography wedding photographer.

Lots of photographers talk about passion – but few actually demonstrate it. For me, passion is an action, not a word. It’s taken my well over a decade of going out on the streets, in all weathers, to capture work that has now been recognised by such prestigious figures in the industry. Photography isn’t just about money – at its very core its an art form that I cannot resist. I’m driven to document moments irrespective – be it family, the street or weddings.

Also such recognition reinforces I am a genuine documentary wedding photographer. Again lots of wedding photographers drop terms like wedding photojournalism, wedding reportage and so on, but few genuinely understand what it actually means, let alone practice it.

So I hope winning such a prestigious international competition shows you that you are in great hands when it comes to me being your wedding photographer.

£10 for you if you can find another wedding photographer like me

Surrey reportage wedding photography of two young guests playing at being brides, on the steps of Gatton Hall in Surrey. Taken by one of London's best wedding reportage photographers.

I believe I’m one of the few genuine documentary wedding photographers who has won international competitions for both their wedding photojournalism and personal street, as well as being confident enough to offer an amazing 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the wedding photography I produce for you.  I’ll wager £10 with you that you can’t find another!

Contact Me Now To Discuss Your Wedding Plans

Black and white wedding photojournalism of the first dance, during the wedding at Highdown Vineyard in Ferring, West Sussex.

So if you’re getting married and want to hire a genuine award-winning documentary wedding photographer, I’d really love to hear from you.

Please give me a call on 07920 422144. Alternatively, just send me a message via my contact page. I’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

Street Photography Wedding Photographer – I Heart London

Blog Article, Street Photography Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photojournalist, specialising in candid, natural and spontaneous moments, my skills and creativity over the years have been honed by my passion for street photography.  I’ve even been called the “street photography wedding photographer” a number of times.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun and interesting to start a new occasional series where I look at some of my personal street photography and talk about the image.  So I’ve imaginatively called this new series Street Photography Wedding Photography

Green Park London Street Photography

Street photography taken of youth playing around in Green Park, by London wedding photographer Darren Lehane

Another photo taken shortly before the “I Heart London” image, in Green Park

The image I’m starting off with here was taken in Green Park in central London, a good few years ago now (2010) to be exact. At the time I had been toying with starting some kind of street photography project based on the I Heart London t-shirts.  Now to be honest, the project didn’t really get anywhere – after all there’s only so many times street photography of people in the same t-shirts remains interesting!

However, I always loved this image from the project. There’s a subtle humour here that appealed to me. It’s almost as the two great cities of London and New York are directecly competing with one another: “I love New York!” “Well, I love London more!”

Genuine Decisive Moments

Street photography of tourists in Green Park, taken by London Wedding Photographer, Darren Lehane.

Another similar clothing themed image, taken on the same morning as the “I Heart London” image

What’s really important to me, either as a street photographer or a wedding photojournalist, is that the moments I capture are unique and a little out of the ordinary. That’s part of the challenge I get a thrill from. I want to get photos that you’d be struggle to get easily again. Although this one is subtle, I suspect seeing two people walking together in similar t-shirts like this is a rare occurrence. If it’s something I could run out and get each and every day it’d be too easy (and ultimately very boring – a bit like the general original concept itself). For me, good street photography is about capturing decisive moments; occurrences that transcend the normal and everyday.

A Candid Wedding Photography Appoach

So it’s this kind of candid and street-like approach I bring into my wedding photojournalism. I’m not just going to fall back on tried and test cliche wedding photography. I approach each and every wedding as new and original and am always looking for different and interesting street-like moments to document for your wedding story. So I guess that’s why I get called the street photography wedding photographer!

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If you like my street photography approach to wedding photography, then I’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans. You can call me on 07920 422144 or send me an email via my contact page. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

You can see my personal street photography on my website