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If there’s one thing that comes up at nearly each and every wedding I attend as the wedding photographer, it’s the groom and grooms-men all struggling to tie up a cravat.  It can all be very reminiscent of getting ready for that first day at school.  Most probably much of this is down to wedding day nerves, as it’s not too dissimilar to actually doing up a tie, so I thought I’d dedicate a post on how to tie a cravat.

I must admit though I didn’t realise there were actually 3 different ways of doing it. The process for tying a casual cravat and the traditional wedding cravat is very similar, except with the casual cravat you’re looking to create a puffed out look, whereas the wedding cravat tends to be smooth and flat.  There’s also the Scrunchie Wedding Cravat, which starts off as a traditional wedding cravat, but an extra step is added at the end to tuck the front flap into the knot, as if you were tying a tie.

Anyway, rather than me attempting to describe it here, the following link to those helpful people over at Swagger and Swoon who will explain all 3 ways in a much more visual and expert way:

I hope you find it useful.

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