Meon Valley Marriott Hotel wedding photography of a silhouetted bride and groon sharing a kiss.

My 5 Favourite…Hugs & Kisses

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My Five Favourite “Hugs & Kisses” Photos

As a wedding photojournalist if there’s one thing you’ve got to love shooting then it’s hugs, kisses, cuddles and even snogs! Weddings are full of them.  And that’s what makes it a joy to specialise in wedding photojournalism.  After all, most people most probably associate photojournalism with gritty issues, tragedy and suffering.  So wedding photojournalism definitely bucks this assumption. But you still have to be quick and alive to whats happening in capturing that decisive wedding moment. Kisses and hugs can be over in a blink of an eye. Hence why a wedding photojournalist is an expert at documenting that fleeting happenstance for your wedding story. Yes, you could set up a kiss or a hug, but it’s never the same as one caught naturally and unobtrusively.  Wedding photojournalism ensures the integrity of both the moment and your wedding story – and it’s that that ensures the blink-in-an-eye moment is captured and cherished foever.

Understandably most people will think of the happy couple kissing and hugging on the wedding day – but all that romance and happiness infuses everyone – so wedding photojournalism is also very much alert to guests, friends and family sharing beautiful and touching emotional exchanges. It’s these moments that do complete a personal wedding story for you. Why spend time staging and faking them when you can capture them more easily naturally.  I think we’d all agree, that genuine emotions are much nicer than faked ones.

So here are 5 of my favourite hugs and kisses wedding photos. I hope you enjoy.

#1 The Silhouetted Kiss

Meon Valley Marriott Hotel wedding photography of a silhouetted bride and groon sharing a kiss.

Shooting against a large, backlit window like this, it would have been tempting to expose for the couple or even use a flash.  But instead I purposefully exposed for the window light which ensured the couple were underexposed and made for a graphically striking silhouette. Add to that the very fact they are kissing and you have a unique take on a wedding couple kissing photo.

#2 Sisters Hugging

Old Ship Inn Brighton wedding photography of the bride emotionally hugging her sister, during the drinks reception

This is a lovely, tender and touching moment. The wedding ceremony has just finished and the bride is hugging her sister close. It’s a moment that says much about familiy ties and sibling bonds. Yes, of course, the lovely light and soft, almost pastel-like colours add to it – but for me, as a wedding photojournalist looking for those elusive decisive moments, this really captures the power of an emotional release immediately after the bride has gotten married.

#3 The Power of the First Kiss

Crockwell Farm wedding photography of bride and groom having their first kiss during the wedding ceremony

Of course, the first kiss is one of the “must have” and traditional shots that all wedding photographers will wish to capture during the wedding service. What I love about this particular one is the power and passion of the groom’s hold on his new wife. It really demonstrates the power of the couple’s love for one another.  She clearly means the whole world to him and he’s not letting her go…ever!

#4 The Love of a Mother

St Laurence Warborough wedding photography of a bride cuddling her daughter during the wedding ceremony

How can you not be moved by a classic example of a mother’s love for her child? The fact it is occurring in the middle of the wedding itself, only adds to the photo’s emotional impact. It’s these moments, that I often call the “moments inbetween the moments” that I love to capture for the wedding story. These are the real moments that may pass in the blink-of-the-eye but, thanks to the wedding photojournalist, become a moment that can be treasured forever.

#5 The Guests Kissing

Saracen's Head Little Brington wedding photography of young couple kissing during the evening wedding reception

As I said in the intro, people often associate the emotion of the wedding day with the happy couple themselves. But as a wedding photojournalist I do see it as my job to seek out the passion and romance that spills into the day itself, as it did here. A young couple, clearly in love, share a tender embrace and kiss during the evening reception. Again, it’s another image that makes up the fuller wedding story and truly depicts the real events of the day.

Of course, there are so many other photos that I could have feauture here of kisses, cuddles, hugs and snogs – but I hope this small selection do reflect the kind of images my wedding photojournalism approach will provide in your unique and personal wedding story.  You can also see my other personally selected 5 Favourites series here.

If you did enjoy these photos and are getting married soon, then I would love to chat with you about your wedding plans and how my candid, natural and unobtrusive photojournalistic approach can fit your wedding story. Give me a call right now on 07920 422144 or leave me a message here and I promise to get straight back to you. You can see details of all my packages and prices here.


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