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Holiday Inn Brighton Wedding Photography

It’s hard to believe that it was back in July 2013 that I photographed Steph and Dan’s Brighton wedding.  I can still recall quite clearly all the moments, emotions and stories from the day, as if it were only yesterday.

So I thought I’d look back and select my five favourites from all the wedding photos I shot that day and explain why.  So in no particular order:

Getting Ready & the old Brighton West Pier

There’s three elements that I love about this shot, taken from out on the balcony of the Holiday Inn in Brighton, East Sussex.  First off, it documents that important part of the day where the bride is getting ready and having her bridal make-up applied.  This is always an important part of the wedding story and something most brides love looking back at.

Secondly, the reflection of the glass gives a tantalising glimpse of the old, derelict Brighton West Pier.  This allows the wedding setting to be part of the image and gives a lot more geographical context than is usual in most wedding gettting ready shots.

And thirdly, I love that it is more creative than a standard getting ready shot, the reflection adding something a little more abstract and moody. For me its a good example of creative wedding photojournalism.

The Cheeky Bride

It would be fair to say that Steph had been an extremely emotional bride at the start of the wedding ceremony at the Holiday Inn in Brighton.  I think I can confidently say it was the wedding ceremony with the most tissues used I have seen.

However, Steph was eventually able to steady her emotions and undertake the main business of the day – getting married to the extremely proud Dan.  I love this image from the day because of the extremely confident and cheeky smile Steph is giving Dan – a far cry from the tearful bride at the beginning of the service.  It also shows something of their relationship with one another.

So yes, it’s a fun little moment in-between all the usual seriousness of the wedding ceremony, and its wedding photojournalism that’s adept at capturing such moments.

The Proud Page Boy

The ceremony is over and the wedding duties are done.  The proud page boy takes in the praise and admiration from guests in the bar of the Holiday Inn Brighton.

What I particularly like about this image is that I got down low to his level and we can almost see or feel the wedding through his eyes. There’s an immense sense of satisfaction and pride of a job well done (and no doubt a big sense of relief his duties were now over) and reflects the importance of a storytelling approach to wedding photography.

The Emotional Father-of-the-Groom

It wasn’t just Steph who was emotional on the wedding day – it was a wedding wrought with emotion throughout. Nothing depicts the raw emotion of the day more than this touching moment between the groom and his father.

With the speeches over the father-of-the-groom grabbed and hugged his son. A staged or posed shot could never emulate the natural, raw emotion on display here. No, it’s not a perfect photo but it’s most definitely a perfect moment.

These are the moments that are forever cherished.

The Fun of a Wedding Dance Floor

Kids are great photographic subject matter at weddings.  They are less conscious of me as a photographer and simply just love to have fun.

Here at Steph and Dan’s wedding they were loving being able to slide across the dance floor. Unlike the adults, they had no qualms about using the dance floor for fun.  Whilst they are clearly aware of the camera – and played up to it a certain amount – I was still able to document fun times and maintain the integrity of the moment.

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