Crockwell Farm wedding photography of bride and groom having their first kiss during the wedding ceremony

My 5 Favourite…Wedding First Kisses

Five Favourites

Ahh, the first kiss at a wedding. The final moment that seals the deal. The couple can now kiss, they’re married now.  It’s one of the must have moments for a wedding photographer. That one little kiss symbolises the whole romance and love of getting married. Often accompanied with cheers, smiles and the odd tear, here are five of my favourite images of first kisses.

1. Rowton Castle Wedding, Shropshire

Rowton Castle wedding photography of first kiss

It’s the joy and warmth of the guests in the background, at Rowton Castle in Shropshire, that makes this a favourite first kiss photo for me. This is clearly a much loved couple and everyone is delighted they’ve just tied the knot. The black and white also gives it a timeless and classic feel, which I love too.

2. Woodlands Park Hotel Wedding, Surrey

Woodlands Park Hotel Surrey Wedding Photography

It’s still hard to believe that same sex weddings have only been legal in England and Wales since 2014.  Quite why it ever took that long for a loving act to ever be made legal is beyond me.   As Elaine and Marisa’s was my first ever same sex wedding as a wedding photographer this is why this wedding first kiss is extra special for me. Such a tender and beautiful moment during a fantastic day all round, at the Woodlands Park Hotel near Cobham in Surrey.

3. Crockwell Farm Wedding, Northants

Crockwell Farm wedding photography of bride and groom having their first kiss during the wedding ceremony

It’s all about that hold, isn’t it.  The man who finally got his woman. It’s passion, it’s emotion, it’s strength. They’re clearly a couple lost in an intimate moment all of their own, a wedding bubble as I like to call it. And the rest of us are simply on the outside looking in, during the wedding ceremony at Crockwell Farm in Northamptonshire. Such a compelling first kiss photo.

4. Hyatt Regency Churchill Wedding, London

Hyatt Regency Churchil London Wedding Photography

It’s the framing here, the decorative candles that add a touch of enchantment to a classic wedding first kiss inside the Hyatt Regency Churchill Hotel in Portman Square, London. A dark, windowless room – devoid of natural light – requires the placement of candles around the frame to elevate it from the shadows. The look of the bride and groom and the classic way they are holding one another give it an air of timelessness.

5. Ashridge House Wedding, Herts

Ashridge House wedding photography of the bride and groom sharing a first kiss during the wedding ceremony

As a wedding photojournalist with an unobtrusive approach it’s sometimes about get a guest-eye view of a wedding – as here in this shot from the back of the main hallway at Ashridge House, Berkhamsted. The wider view also gives a sense of location and context which, given the grand and historic surroundings, adds an extra romantic dimension to the shot.

Of course, there were plenty of other favourite first kiss photos to choose from, but these ones are a good example of the different ways a wedding first kiss can be depicted. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a part 2 post of other favourite wedding first kisses at some point in the future.

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