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You may be looking for a London wedding photographer but I need to be very clear that I’m definitely not just another wedding photographer.  In many ways I see weddings a little bit differently.  Of course you may be wondering what I mean by this?

So here are 5 reasons why I’m not just another wedding photographer.

#1 I’m a Street Photography Wedding Photographer

Street photography of girls with balloons and a dog watching.

My passion is candid street photography.  Documenting the amusing, surreal and unusual moments that fleetingly transcend the everyday.  I’m a true believer that street photography is a great training ground for documenting storytelling wedding photography.

You learn how to anticipate the decisive moment. You see things others don’t.  You capture real and authentic moments.  Images that tell a real and genuine story.  Your brain starts to get trainined to do this naturally, when you are doing it day in and day out.

It means when I come to document your wedding story, I see it differently.  I’m #NotJustAnotherWeddingPhotographer

#2 I’m A Non Traditional Wedding Photographer

The groom is recorded dancing during the Indian Wedding Sikh Maiyaan ceremony in London

Because I didn’t jump straight into becoming a wedding photographer, I’ve not become weighed down with the industry’s traditions and cliches.  I shot street and documentary photography for over a decade before I finally agreed to shoot someone’s wedding.

Therefore, I see weddings a little differently.  In many ways I’m just a photographer who shoots at weddings, rather than a wedding photographer.

I see people, emotions, humour, relationships and unusual compositions and angles.  I document it as is, as it happens and naturally.  Rather than stage anything, direct or interfere.

I’m not interested in perfect photos, only real and perfect moments. It’s your unique wedding story I want – not images for my portfolio. No I’m #NotJustAnotherWeddingPhotographer

#3 Posed Portraits and Group Shots, You Ask?

A group portrait of the groomsmen by a documentary London wedding photographer.

It’s becoming almost a cliche now for documentary wedding photographers and wedding photojournalists to pretend they wont/don’t do posed portraits on your wedding day.  “We’re completely 100% photojournalistic,” they say.

But they’re missing the point. Photojournalism has a fine and long tradition of portraiture. And besides, even if you don’t want some portraits doing it’s likely your family will.

So I definitely will shoot portraits and group shots on your wedding if that’s what you’d like.  But I’ll be do them quickly and differently if I can. As the above photo demonstrates, you can capture natural moments within a portrait. So I’m #NotJustAnotherWeddingPhotographer

#4 Technique Is Overrated

The bride and groom cut the cake during a wedding at Cecil Sharp House in London.

There’s hell of a lot of snobbery around about getting the settings on your camera right.  Nonsense I say!  As I said earlier I’d rather capture the perfect moment rather than the perfect photo.  Emotion speaks a million times more loudly than sharpness or dynamic range.

Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to have started shooting film as a photographer.  Look back at the greatest photographs in the history of photography, shot on film. They’re far from perfect technically, yet they convey stories, emotion and mood.

So I’d rather concentrate on capturing the moment than miss it by faffing around with my settings.  No, I’m #NotJustAnotherWeddingPhotographer

#5 Flash Fictions

The wedding first dance at Wandsworth Town Hall, in London

There’s a lot to be said for natural light and wherever possible I prefer to shoot with it.  But when I see other photographers describing themselves as natural light only, I immediately see that what they are really saying is they can’t use flash.

There’s some parts of the wedding day when flash is required – especially in the evening when everyone hits the wedding dance floor.  That’s also why some wedding photographers only stay until the first dance, not confident enough to shoot with flash.

Not me.  I love staying into the evening. I get into the middle of the dance floor and start flashing (in the light sense!) away.  But I again, I prefer to do things differently here too.

I use a technique known as shutter drag. This really captures the mood and atmosphere, with lots of swirling lights and blurred motion. By shooting wide and getting in close, it really puts you right at the heart of the  real moment. Again, I’m #NotJustAnotherWeddingPhotographer

You Want Something Different Too. Something As Unique As You Are As A Couple

The bride and groom enter the wedding breakfast at Tullylagan House in Cookstown

So you want something a little different for your wedding photography too. After all, you’re a unique couple and you want your wedding story captured as it is…not as the wedding photographer’s last wedding was shot.

You don’t want just another wedding photographer either.

So check out my services and fees by clicking the button below.  Then once you’ve got an idea of what coverage you’d like on your day, then let’s have a chat in more detail about your wedding plans.

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