Old Ship Inn Brighton wedding photography of the mother-of-the-bride being assisted by the mother-of-the-groom during the bridal preparations

Why I Love This Image – We Are Family

Why I Love This Image

As a wedding photojournalist I love those little fleeting moments that happen in-between the bigger moments of a wedding day. After all, it’s those moments that add so much to the bigger wedding story itself.  So when I saw the mother-of-the-groom adding a finishing touch to the hair of the mother-of-the-bride I literally clicked on instinct.

Yes, this is what bridal preparations are all about, but the way the two mums come together is not only touching but also represents what weddings are all about…two families coming together to form a new one. Could that be any more beautifully demonstrated then this image?

A second reason I love this image is how another member of the wedding party enters the frame, which creates an interesting sense of depth and layering.  Being a big fan of street photographer William Klein, who was renowned for the way he used layers in his images, I just can’t resist looking for the same in mine.

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Techie details for the camera geeks:
Body: Olympus OMD EM5  Lens: 25mm (EFL: 50mm)  Aperture: f/1.4  Shutter Speed: 1/640  ISO: 200  Flash: Did not fire.

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My Why I Love This Image series hopefully gives you more of an insight of why I took particular images, their context and my thought processes. As a wedding photojournalist I strongly believe in providing an open, honest and transparent explanation of the photography I capture.

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