A wedding guest on the dance floor during the wedding at Wicksteed Park, near Kettering in Northamptonshire.

Wicksteed Park Wedding Dance Mayhem

Featured Blog Post, Why I Love This Image

Why I Love This Image

This Wicksteed Park wedding photo is a perfect example of why I love staying on beyond a couple’s first dance.  Once wedding guests have had a few drinks, it’s time to let their hair down and get uninhibited on the dance floor.

A young guest looks on as the couple cut the wedding cake during the wedding at Wicksteed Park, near Kettering in Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire Wedding Photographer – Wicksteed Park

Wedding Stories

Tanya and Steve were having a low-key and intimate wedding at Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire.  As part of this they wanted a Northamptonshire wedding photographer who would blend into the background, capture all the natural moments from the day and simply allow them to enjoy their wedding day as they should – with their friends and family.

Back In The Day: Long Shadows At Crockwell Farm

Back in the Day

A Random Look Back Through My Wedding Photography Archives

It’s hard to believe that Jo and Paul’s wonderful wedding at Crockwell Farm in Eydon, Northamptonshire was well over a year ago now.

It was a truly beautiful morning in the Northamptonshire countryside and the early rural mist had given way to a brilliant winter sun that bode so well for the wedding day ahead.

I had been heading out from where the bridal preparations were taking place, in a quaint little cottage on the farm grounds, to go and take some detail shots of where the bride and groom and their guests would be eating later in the day, when luck would have it and the groom arrived with his young son.

As they helped carry some bridal flowers from the car, the low morning sun cast some dramatic shadows of them walking across the parking area to the beautiful wedding venue . Being such a graphic image, it was perfect for black and white, and is a lovely example of the morning preparations before the wedding day itself got started more fully.

It’s these kind of little stories within the bigger story of the wedding day that I am so drawn to as a storytelling wedding photojournalist.

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One of the best Northamptonshire documentary wedding photographers captures a young boy playing during the wedding toasts and speeches at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire

Why I Love This Image: The Boy Beneath The Table

Why I Love This Image

A wedding is just a fun playground for kids!

Kids are great at weddings, certainly from a wedding photojournalism perspective.  In many ways they epitomise everything that documentary wedding photography is: unposed, spontaneous and full of fun.  After all, it’s the real story of your wedding as it happens that I capture.

Take this young boy, from Hollie and Dan’s Grendon Lakes wedding photography in Northamptonshire.  He doesn’t care about the wedding speeches or the toasts, no.  He’s far more interested in the table decorations that have fallen on the floor – they look far more fun and interesting!

Of course, the fact that the bride and groom are enjoying the wedding speeches and are seemingly oblivious to a child’s world of fun and adventure going on beneath the head table makes the image even more amusing and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Having spotted this happening, I manoeuvred myself into a better position and waited for him to starting playing with the MR letters – after all, he was quite a young and charming mister!

Given the potential for the clutter to being a tad distracting it was definitely a wedding moment that I knew was going to be black & white.

Weddings are often a mix of chaotic fun and more formal moments.  That’s why a wedding photojournalism approach is such a natural way to capture the real and authentic wedding story.  You could never set such a natural happening scene up and you could never get that young boy to do as you wanted.  Thats why ensuring the integrity of the moment is so important in capturing authentic wedding stories. I want to make them as unique to you as you both are. It’s your day. Your story. Your way.

As a wedding photojournalist you put simply put yourself inside the moment and anticipate the story that’s about to happen. It’s not about getting the perfect shot, it’s all about getting the perfect moment. For that you need to see and feel what you are shooting. It’s why wedding photojournalism delivers the most natural and stunning memories from your day without you even being aware it was happening.

And that’s why I love this image.


My Why I Love This Image series hopefully gives you more of an insight of why I took particular images, their context and my thought processes. As a wedding photojournalist I strongly believe in providing an open, honest and transparent explanation of the photography I capture.


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