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The Art of Wedding Storytelling

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I’m not just a wedding photographer – I’m a wedding storyteller

As a wedding photojournalist I speak a lot about capturing your wedding story.  For me it’s the very heart of wedding photojournalism. I’m there to document and re-tell the narrative of your wedding day as it really happened.  That’s the key difference between a wedding photojournalist, such as myself, and a more traditional wedding photographer who prefers to set up, pose and stage your wedding photography.

Instead, as a wedding storyteller, I’m looking to capture and document the genuine moments and real emotions of your wedding day without dictating them.  I want you to look back, whether its in a few months, a few years or even decades away from now and remember the real story of your real wedding as it really happened – rather than remember the wedding photographer who made you and your guests do this and that to a tick list he or she uses at every wedding.

Here are 3 reasons why I think a wedding storytelling approach is the most natural for wedding photography.

#1 It’s all about the moment


A wedding photojournalism approach is all about capturing the perfect moment, rather than the perfect picture.  It’s not about making you stand there like this, whilst I fiddle with camera settings as you or your guests get bored and irritated. It’s not about being technically perfect, instead it’s all about the emotional content – capturing the fleeting moments in-between the moments that are often the very heart of your wedding.  You can’t stage or fake genuine emotional moments, they just happen – often without warning- and you either get them or you don’t.  Because I’m not worrying about everything looking perfect or checking and rechecking my camera settings to ensure everything is technically spot on, I’m more attuned to capturing the moment – the smiles, the kisses, the tears, the expressions, the hugs, the tension.  As a wedding photojournalist – particularly one with a reportage and street photography background – I’m fine tuned to anticipating when a moment is about to happen.  Which leads me nicely into…

#2 It’s about feeling not seeing


I often say that if, as a wedding photographer, your are seeing the moment or the photo opportunity then you’re actually too late and have missed the core of the moment altogether.  You have to feel the moment; feel the story as it evolves around you. You often have to shoot on raw gut instinct and because a more traditional wedding photographer prefers to set things up they are nowhere near as adept as a wedding photojournalist.  But it goes beyond this.  As a photographer you have to genuinely feel the moment in your heart and soul – you’ve got to genuinely love the kind of moments that do happen on a wedding day and are totally committed to capturing them.  Without this kind of inner desire to feel pictures, rather than just seeing them, you might end up with a story, but it’s going to feel more hollow than a real heartfelt wedding story.  Which brings me onto…

#3 It’s real and it’s honest

One of the best Northamptonshire documentary wedding photographer captures wedding guests at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire

I’ve talked elsewhere in detail about ensuring the integrity of the moment – which is the cornerstone to wedding photojournalism.  But, in a nutshell, a wedding storyteller will give you GENUINE moments and emotions wrapped up in a series of images that are real and honest. When such moments are staged or faked, the emotional core is lost.  Ask someone to laugh for you and it both looks and sounds fakes.  Observe them really laughing at something, unaware you are looking on, and you’ll see not just warm and genuine emotion – but you’ll actually see their soul.  And that’s the difference between a traditional wedding photographer and a storytelling wedding photojournalist.  We may both produce stories, of a kind, but I’m willing to bet that the wedding story I provide resonates with heart, emotion and soul.

As a wedding photojournalist I’m passionate about not just my storytelling approach but also the getting to the heart of, and emotionally feeling the very soul of you wedding story.  This I believe, is what sets me aside and is why you choose to book me as a PERSON rather than book a wedding photographer.

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Best Northamptonshire documentary wedding photographer captures himself on a wedding guests smart phone camera at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire

Are you getting married and think my passion for a genuine storytelling approach to wedding photography is exactly what you are seeking?  Then I’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans.  You can either call me now on +44 (0)7920 422144 or send me a message via my contact page. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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