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The Perfect Photo or the Perfect Moment?

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My wedding photojournalism approach is all about documenting your unique wedding story as it unfolds and happens spontaneously. I want to capture the real moments and genuine emotions of the day – it’s a natural, candid and storytelling approach in which I’m passionate about ensuring the integrity of the moment.

Rowton Castle wedding photography of bride shedding a tear during the speeches .

However, I often get asked how I manage to capture those split second, fleeting little moments whilst ensuring my camera settings are right. After all, cameras are often very technical and complicated tools and in order to get the perfect photo you have to take into account so many factors, such as apertures, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO numbers and the like.

Well, the honest answer is I don’t worry too much about getting the perfect photo.  My focus is on capturing the perfect moment. That’s the holy grail of wedding photojournalism.  Real moments you can’t fake.  Yes, you could try and stage or pose them but they never look real, never appear the same or as natural as a genuine moment occurring.


So imagine if you were fiddling with your camera settings all the time, trying to get the technically perfect photo…you’d spend so much time looking at the LCD screen of the camera you’d miss all those moments as they happen.  Wedding photojournalism cares more about the moment than technical settings. It’s all about the art of wedding storytelling.

That’s not to say I don’t care about the technical side at all. Experience allows me to ensure I’m in the rough ball park area of technical camera settings but I’m not going to fret about the shot being pin sharp, in focus from front to back, devoid of noise/grain, etc. In fact, I don’t personally like perfect looking photos – they often look too sterile, too clean, too bland to me. I want to capture the emotions, the mood, the atmosphere and everything else that goes into making a perfect moment. It’s like the difference between a pitch perfect modern pop star produced to the highest standards and a crackly old record of a soul singer with a distinct but technically imperfect voice.  Jackie Wilson or Jackie X Factor?

Brighton Old Ship Inn wedding photography of guest playing with the flower girk

Ultimately, how many times have you looked at a wedding photo and said you love it because it’s technically perfect.  Or do you get moved by the moments, the emotions and the expressions of a photo?  I’m guessing it’s the latter and that’s why a wedding photojournalism approach is the perfect way to document the story of your wedding day.

So I’d love to talk with you about your wedding plans and explain how my wedding photojournalism approach will capture and document the perfect moments of your wedding story. Give me a call on +44 (0)7920 422144 or send me a message via my contact page.

Details of my wedding photography services and fees can be found here.

Let’s create a memorable story together.

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  1. Hear hear! I seldom shoot weddings (not really interested unless I’m a guest), but when I do I am only interested in getting the candid moments. I enjoy reading your posts, and seeing your great memory captures.

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