Colour documentary wedding photography of male wedding guests enjoying cigars, during the evening reception at Highdown Vineyard in Ferring, West Sussex.

Why I Love This Image: Groomsmen, Cigars & a Toy Lens

Why I Love This Image

To be honest, there are lots of things I love about this image from Crystal & Dom’s Highdown Vineyard wedding in West Sussex.

It was early evening, during the wedding reception, and the warm summer sun was setting on the Sussex countryside.  A number of the groomsmen and male wedding guests had sneaked outside to enjoy a celebratory wedding cigar.

At the time I was experimenting with a new lens on one of my cameras, and a plastic toy lens at that! Made by SLRMagic and near on a 50mm field of view, it’s a lens that gives a quirky and imperfect view of the world.  In many ways it’s the closest I’ve come to an old film analogue look on a digital camera – without any post processing that is.

There was definitely a real retro and timeless vibe to the scene, which was perfectly enhanced by the toy lens.  This is really helped by the central standing male, sparking up his cigar, and with a vintage look straight out of the TV historical crime series Peaky Blinders (or rather, as I hear it in my head, “Peaky Bloody Blinders” said in a very strong Brummie accent!)  The rural setting and rather old looking pylon in the background also add to this.

Of course, the photo is also a great depiction of a natural moment being quietly enjoyed by the groomsmen – away from the music and dancing back inside – and great subject matter for my documentary wedding photography approach.  You can really imagine the male conversations and reflection being made on the wedding day!

I was delighted the image itself was granted an award by the Wedding Photojournalist Association in a 2016 Reception category.

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