Why I Love This Image: Lost In Music

Blog Article, Why I Love This Image

I defy you not to smile when you look at this photo from Charlene & David’s wedding in Luton.  In fact, let me correct that, it’s not a photo…it’s a moment. A wedding guest not just lost in the music of the evening reception. Now this is a wedding guest utterly lost in the moment of the wedding day.

A Decisive Moment

Often I talk about capturing real and genuine moments as a wedding photojournalist.  This all stems from my passion for pure street photography.  As a street photographer I want to capture fleeting moments that transcend expectations; a decisive moment if you like. I’m always more interested in perfect moments rather than perfect photos. This is why I’m often labelled as the street photography wedding photographer. I bring the purity of documenting street moments to capturing your wedding story.

So this isn’t a wedding guest just dancing at the reception. This is a wedding guest completely lost in everything that makes up the moment: the happiness, the drama, the music, the romance of the day, the celebration. I’m sure you could add even more words. But I’m sure you’ll agree this image really does dramatically capture the intensity of the dance floor at the wedding.

And that’s why I smile every time I look at it. Not just because of the moment it portrays but also how it reflects the intensity and drama I try to bring to my wedding photography.  It’s why I love this image.

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