Wedding photography at Littleton House, Surrey, of two mature wedding guests playing joyful during the evening reception.

Why I Love This Image: The Playful Wedding Guests

Blog Article, Why I Love This Image

When you look at this wedding photography from Chloe & Dan’s wedding at Littleton House in Shepperton, Surrey, what do you see?  Two wedding guests larking about? The father of the groom larking about with a bald man?  Two older men who should know better? Well, when I look at this I see a lifetime connection of friendship.

The man with the napkin on his head is the lifelong friend of the other man, who just happens to be the bride’s father. Napkin man also the best man at his friend’s wedding decades before. And here they are playing around joyfully at a wedding many many years later.

And for me, this is what weddings are all about – a celebration of love, friendships and lifetime connections. It’s why I love applying a candid storytelling approach as a wedding photography. To be unobtrusive and naturally observe these moments is what makes each and every wedding story unique to the couple, family and friends involved. Weddings create memories to be cherished and friendships that last a lifetime. It’s a huge honour and privilege, as a wedding photographer, to be part of it all.

That’s why I love this image of a fun and relaxed moment. It’s real, it’s genuine and it’s an ongoing moment that started generations ago on a school playground and is literally being replicated again now at the daughter’s wedding.

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