Black and white documentary wedding photography of emotional wedding guests, during the evenng reception in Gipsy Hill, by London wedding photojournalist Darren Lehane.

Why I Love This Image: The Raw Emotion

Why I Love This Image

There’s lots of names for the style of wedding photography I undertake: wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography, wedding reportage photography, candid wedding photography and natural wedding photography to name but a few. However, I ultimately see myself as a wedding storyteller. So when I photograph a wedding I’m looking for narrative continuity, dramatic pacing and emotional appeal.

Sometimes a single wedding photo can tell a story in itself. Other times you need a sequence of images that narrate a story.  This image from Cynthia and Julian’s wedding in Gipsy Hill, in south London, is one of those images that not only suggests a story in its one frame but is also part of a bigger story.

The Emotional Wedding Story

Yes, the image in itself shows a lot of emotions. Jude, the bride’s eldest brother, is sobbing into a handkerchief as he’s consoled by his daughter and others.  It speaks of the emotional impact of a wedding and the closeness of family.

Although consoling Jude, all the other females in the image are looking away to something else happening out of frame.  A number of people have asked if they’re watching the bride and groom’s first to which I answer, no…not exactly.

Let me explain, there was a dance occurring but not one involving the bride and groom.  So who could be dancing that has reduced this wedding party to tears and emotional gazes?

A Father & Daughter’s Lost Wedding Dance

Colour wedding photography of a guest dancing, during the evening wedding reception in Lambeth, by London documentary wedding photographer Darren Lehane. Colour Lambeth wedding photography of an emotional wedding guest, with a tear running down her cheek, by one of the best documentary wedding photographers in London, Darren Lehane

As these images show, it was Jude’s younger brother, Tony, enjoying a tender dance with his daughter.  If you look closely enough, you see both of them are also crying.  The reason? Tony’s daughter had married some time before but for reasons I won’t go into here, he never had the opportunity to enjoy a father daughter dance with her on her wedding day.

So in a moving and touching moment, both were given the chance to enjoy a “last dance” on Julian and Cynthia’s wedding day.

Of course, this would be emotional enough, but the fact that Jude is crying his eyes out was because it was the first time in his life he’d ever seen his younger brother Tony cry.  And to be honest there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

As a wedding photojournalist its raw emotional moments like these I am passionate about capturing. You can’t fake moments like this. And it’s such moments that tell the real and unique stories of a wedding day.  And that’s why I love this image.  But don’t worry, Jude was soon back to his usual self a little while later…

Gipsy Hill Wedding Photography South London

Let Me Document Your Real Wedding Story

Did you enjoy how I capture the real moments, genuine emotions and true stories of a wedding day with my natural, candid and unobtrusive approach?  If you think my wedding photojournalism would be a good match for you wedding day then I’d love to hear from you.

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