Sussex Wedding photographer captures the bride and groom playing on a swing in the gardens of the Roebuck Hotel in Forest Row, West Sussex

Why I Love This Image: The Swingers

Why I Love This Image

Unobtrusive Wedding Photojournalism

One of the key elements of wedding photojournalism is the ability to capture moments discreetly and unobtrusively, that ensure the integrity of the moment isn’t compromised.  Had I tried to stage or direct this lovey moment of Nicole and Eugene, playing on a swing in the gardens of the Roebuck Hotel, in Forest Row, East Sussex, or had they even been overtly aware of my presence then the mood would have been killed, the moment would have been lost and this lovely photo wouldn’t have become part of their wonderful wedding story. That’s why wedding photojournalism is perfect for capturing the genuine moments of a real wedding story.

A Beautiful English Wedding Setting

The main reason why I love this image is the way it encapsulates in one frame the mood of a perfect English summer’s evening in such a timeless fashion. Maybe it’s the tree swing that makes it so evocative of a romantic rural setting.  Certainly the low evening sun casts a magical light across the scene, with deep shadows adding to that magical mood. You can almost hear the birds chirping and wildlife scuttling into the greenery that surrounds the couple – so fitting given the bride and groom’s love of animals and nature. And, if we didn’t know any better, it could have been a moment from the 1920’s as it could contemporary Sussex!

The Perfect Romantic Moment

Then, of course, there’s the wonderful romance of the very moment itself.  A newly wed couple sharing a quiet and playful moment, in a quiet corner of the Sussex countryside. It sings of happiness and joy and the complete togetherness of the couple. And then there’s the fact it’s Nicole who’s pushing Eugene on the swing, giving a humourous twist to the convention of man and wife.  It really is an image that delights me every time I look at it – and makes this city boy yearn for a summer’s evening in the English countryside!


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My Why I Love This Image series hopefully gives you more of an insight of why I took particular images, their context and my thought processes. As a wedding photojournalist I strongly believe in providing an open, honest and transparent explanation of the photography I capture.

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