Why I Love This Image: Wedding Details Abstract

Why I Love This Image

Timeless and abstract wedding photography

Anyone who has followed my personal photography work over the last decade or so will know I have a very soft spot for abstract reality photography – particularly that championed by the late great Aaron Siskind. So it’s no surprise that, from time to time, an abstract approach will turn up in my wedding photography, as in this detail shot from Lois and Dan’s wedding reception at the Village Institute in Upper Harlestone, Northamptonshire.

There’s a certain whimsical charm and timeless feel to this image, from the antiquated chairs to the intricate lace patterns of the wedding dress through to the beautiful textures of the floor itself.  The flowers give a subtle nod to the rural surroundings of the Northampton wedding venue. This is all brought together by the sepia(ish) finish of the final processing.

As part of the wedding story this fits beautifully given that the Village Institute is a stunning 1930s art deco building.  It’s literally a photo that looks like it could have been taken at any time during the last 80 years or so.

It’s certainly an image that’s easy to love.


My Why I Love This Image series hopefully gives you more of an insight of why I took particular images, their context and my thought processes. As a wedding photojournalist I strongly believe in providing an open, honest and transparent explanation of the photography I capture.


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