A wedding guest on the dance floor during the wedding at Wicksteed Park, near Kettering in Northamptonshire.

Wicksteed Park Wedding Dance Mayhem

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Why I Love This Image

This Wicksteed Park wedding photo is a perfect example of why I love staying on beyond a couple’s first dance.  Once wedding guests have had a few drinks, it’s time to let their hair down and get uninhibited on the dance floor.

Being a documentary wedding photographer I normally blend unobtrusively into the background of a wedding day.  However, during the evening reception, I love to put a flash on my camera and get right into the middle of the dance floor. I find this puts the viewer right in the moment and also captures the mood and atmosphere of the funky celebrations – as here during Tanya and Steve’s wedding in Northamptonshire.

More Wicksteed Park Wedding Dance Floor Craziness

Part of the signature look for my wedding photography is using a flash technique called shutter drag during the evening. In essence this captures the feel and frenzy of the evening, with lots of 3 blur and streaks of light. I find this is the most realistic way of capturing the atmosphere from the evening.

If Bruce Gilden Did Wedding Photography

The inspiration for this kind of close-up flash photography during the evening reception is inspired by iconic street photographer Bruce Gilden. Being a passionate street photographer myself I like to these kind of images are how Bruce Gilden wedding photography would look if he did it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve got such a wedding photo of some dance floor mayhem.  I got a similar image during Maria and Peter’s wedding at Rowton Castle in Shropshire, a year or two before.

A wedding guest dancing during the evening reception at Rowton Castle, in Shropshire.

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