Wedding photography of a groom wiping a tear from his bride's eye, during the wedding at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, East Sussex. Taken by Brighton wedding photographer Darren Lehane.

Why I Love This Image: Wiping Away The Tear

Why I Love This Image

Weddings are often occasions of conflicting emotions. From tears to laughter, quite reflection through to shaking your moves on the dancefloor the wedding day usually has it all.  The wedding ceremony itself often sees a tear or two shed, as here during Gemma and Rich’s wonderful wedding at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, East Sussex.

What is really touching about this moment, as Gemma is overcome with emotion, is the way Rich shows comfort and concern by reaching out and tenderly wiping a tear from his bride’s face.  Could there really be a more symbolic gesture of the care and love a couple feel for one another.  You could recite a thousand words of romantic poetry but it still wouldn’t come anywhere close to this powerful demonstration of love and affection.

Furthermore, to add to the demonstration of tearful emotion of the moment, we can also see a wedding guest in the background also wiping a tear from her own eye.  It’s emotional moments such as these that I just love to document as a wedding photojournalist.  It’s a picture that tells a highly personal story and one you couldn’t simply fake or stage.

Don’t worry though, Gemma was quickly handed a tissue and the tears quickly turned to laughter between the happy couple.

Wedding photojournalism of a bride using a tissue to wipe a tear from her eye, as a concerned groom looks on, during their wedding at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, East Sussex. Taken by Darren Lehane, one of the best Brighton wedding photographers. Documentary wedding photography of a bride and groom laughing during the wedding ceremony at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton, East Sussex. Documented by one of the best wedding photographers in Brighton, Darren Lehane.

This is part of my Why I Love This Image series – where I explain what it is about certain wedding photos that I love.

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