A Short Weekend in Brighton

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It’s My Life: Another Personal Story

With wedding season now quietening down I had the opportunity for a short weekend trip to Brighton last weekend. As it was a family trip, with six of us in total, I arranged a Kemp Town terraced house through AirB&B for us to stay. ¬†I won’t say too much, but the house was cool, quirky and arty and belonged to the singer of a band who had bit of a left field hit in the 1990s.

So what does a documentary wedding photographer do when not working – I did some street and documentary photography in Brighton of course!

A Street Photography Wedding Photographer

The weather on Saturday was great, warm and sunny. So this gave me plenty of opportunity to get quite a few street photography shots all along the seafront. On Saturday evening, failing to be able to get into the restaurant we wanted to eat in we ended up have a traditional seaside feast of fish and chips at home.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning was rather wet but that didn’t stop us from having a fun time playing crazy golf. I’d love to tell you that I won – sadly I finished well down the pecking order. I could blame my club, or the conditions but a good wedding photographer never blames their lens or camera ūüėČ

Non-Traditional Wedding Photographer Goes Sunday Non Traditional!

We finished off with a firmly non-traditional Sunday lunch of burgers and fries at the JB American Diner.  After all, being a non-traditional wedding photographer I firmly believe in breaking traditions where I can. After lunch, we all went our separate ways.

It was fun and enjoyable break after such a busy summer of wedding photography. Here are a few photos from a short weekend in Brighton.

You could read about my life away from wedding photography in my It’s My Life Series which hopefully gives you more of an insight into me the individual.


Street Photography Wedding Photographer – I Heart London

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As a wedding photojournalist, specialising in candid, natural and spontaneous moments, my skills and creativity over the years have been honed by my passion for street photography. ¬†I’ve even been called the “street photography wedding photographer” a number of times.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun and interesting to start a new occasional series where I look at some of my personal street photography and talk about the image. ¬†So I’ve imaginatively called this new series Street Photography Wedding Photography

Green Park London Street Photography

Street photography taken of youth playing around in Green Park, by London wedding photographer Darren Lehane

Another photo taken shortly before the “I Heart London” image, in Green Park

The image I’m starting off with here was taken in Green Park in central London, a good few years ago now (2010) to be exact. At the time I had been toying with starting some kind of street photography project based on the I Heart London t-shirts. ¬†Now to be honest, the project didn’t really get anywhere – after all there’s only so many times street photography of people in the same t-shirts remains interesting!

However, I always loved this image from the project. There’s a subtle humour here that appealed to me. It’s almost as the two great cities of London and New York are directecly competing with one another: “I love New York!” “Well, I love London more!”

Genuine Decisive Moments

Street photography of tourists in Green Park, taken by London Wedding Photographer, Darren Lehane.

Another similar clothing themed image, taken on the same morning as the “I Heart London” image

What’s really important to me, either as a street photographer or a wedding photojournalist, is that the moments I capture are unique and a little out of the ordinary. That’s part of the challenge I get a thrill from. I want to get photos that you’d be struggle to get easily again. Although this one is subtle, I suspect seeing two people walking together in similar t-shirts like this is a rare occurrence. If it’s something I could run out and get each and every day it’d be too easy (and ultimately very boring – a bit like the general original concept itself). For me, good street photography is about capturing decisive moments; occurrences that transcend the normal and everyday.

A Candid Wedding Photography Appoach

So it’s this kind of candid and street-like approach I bring into my wedding photojournalism. I’m not just going to fall back on tried and test cliche wedding photography. I approach each and every wedding as new and original and am always looking for different and interesting street-like moments to document for your wedding story. So I guess that’s why I get called the street photography wedding photographer!

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If you like my street photography approach to wedding photography, then I’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans. You can call me on 07920 422144 or send me an email via my contact page. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

You can see my personal street photography on my website www.londonstreet.photography

Highdown Vineyard West Sussex wedding photography of the groomsmen smoking cigarettes, taken by one of the best wedding photographers in London, Darren Lehane.

Artistic Award-Winning London Wedding Photographer

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I’m delighted, thrilled and truly honoured to have recently been awarded two wedding photography awards by the prestigious Artistic Guild of the Wedding Phototojournalist Association (AGWPJA). ¬†As a London wedding photographer I feel it’s incredibly important to enter my wedding photography into awards. It helps me gauge how I stand against my most talented peers, keeps forcing me to continually improve, as well as reassuring wedding couples that my work is worthy of winning industry respect award.

A Fine Art Approach to Wedding Photojournalism


The AGWPJA is a sister body to the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and concentrates on a more fine art approach to wedding photojournalism. As they say themselves:

The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association AG|WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers, who are at the forefront of the wedding photography industry when it comes to enhancing images. The chief objective of the AG|WPJA is to provide members with a platform where the finest enhanced, manipulated and/or artistic wedding photojournalism in the world is spotlighted and promoted for the bride and groom.

The AG|WPJA is a separate division of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Whereas the WPJA upholds strict guidelines that forbid excessive picture manipulation, the AG|WPJA encourages and fosters creative image enhancement, with the vision of promoting Fine Art Wedding Photojournalists.

The AG|WPJA establishes and upholds high standards that are taken into consideration during the judging process for our wedding photography contests. Using all artistic tools at their disposal, members skillfully enliven their work in post production processing.

So as you can most probably appreciate winning an award from AGWPJA is a huge thing for me as fine art wedding photojournalist.

The Award Winning Wedding Photography

So above are the two photos which picked up the recent awards in the 2nd quarterly awards of 2016 with the AGWPJA.

The black and white image on the left is from Jodi and Simon’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel in Central London. It received 2nd place in the Other Vendors category. ¬†The judges commented as follows:

Nice composition with strong graphic appeal and a great sense of gesture.

Subtle and quirky moment, but I like it. Thank you to the photographer for finding an interesting detail from something so ordinary and sharing it with us.

The colour image on the right is from Crystal and Dom’s wedding, taken during the evening reception at the beautiful Highdown Vineyard in Ferring, West Sussex. It picked up 6th place in the Wedding Reception category. The judges comment was as follows:

Great subjects, mood, tonality and color.

Picking up two awards in one competition is extremely flattering and pleasing.

Book an Award Winning London Wedding Photographer

If you enjoy my award winning approach to fine art wedding photojournalism and think it would be a good fit for your wedding story, then I’d love to chat with you about your wedding plans. Give me a call on 07920 422144 or send me a message via my contact page. I will be thrilled to hear from you.

Why I Love This Image: Quiet Time for the Couple

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Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle, Shropshire

As a documentary wedding photographer, there’s so many elements of a wedding day I love to capture. Often it’s the small moments, that seemed almost insignificant at the time, that can add such mood and emotion to a couple’s wedding story. This image, from Kara and Jason’s wedding photography at Rowton Castle in Shropshire, is one such moment.

Moments In-Between the Moments

I know I’ve talked about it before, but as a documentary wedding photographer I’m always looking out for the little moments. These are the moments that fall in between those bigger moments; the moments that you’re normally expected to capture as a wedding photographer.

Here, the post-wedding ceremony portraits have been completed. The wedding couple had chatted with the wedding guests and had  now decided to take themselves off down the beautiful gardens at Rowton Castle, to enjoy a bit of quiet time after all the excitement and tension of the wedding morning.

The All-Seeing Wedding Photojournalist

It would have been easy for me to turn my focus (excuse the pun!) to other things at this point, but I kept an eye on the bride and groom as they walked away. I just knew the quiet and solitude of the moment would provide a subtle contrasting moment from the other moments of their wedding day. It’s these unsual moments I love to capture.

Of course, I also saw the symbolism of the newly married couple walking away into their future together. I love to document moments that can be imbued with meaning and are open to interpretation, as this one clearly is.

Real and Naturally Occurring Wedding Moments

Someone did ask me once why I didn’t ask them to hold hands as they walked away. As a documentary wedding photographer I’m committed to capturing the purity and honesty of a moment. So I’d never set something up. I want my wedding photojournalism to capture the real and naturally occurring moments of a couple’s wedding day. It’s their story not my creation of one.

Besides, I think the fact they aren’t holding hands portrays a confidence they have in their relationship and one another. It speaks of them as individuals as well as a bride and groom.

So that’s why I love this wedding photography at Rowton Castle. You may also enjoy other photos in my Why I Love This Image series. If you did it enjoy it, it would be great if you could share this post across your social media.




5 Good Reasons To Book Me

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Hopefully by now you’ve looked at some of my previous wedding photography portfolios and have enjoyed my natural wedding photography approach. ¬†You have learnt a little more about me and have checked out what I provide on the wedding day and my fee. ¬†But you still need to know a little more before.

In that case, here are 5 good reasons to book me as your wedding photographer.

1. London Wedding Photographer – Have Camera Will Travel!

West Sussex Wedding Photography Highdown Vineyard Crystal and Do

I’m a London wedding photographer based in Wallington, Surrey, but I cover all of London, Surrey, Sussex, the rest of the UK and destination weddings overseas. So no matter where you are in the world I’ll be delighted to be your wedding photographer.

2. Qualifying Member of Prestigious Professional Bodies

Littleton House Surrey Wedding Photography

I am QUALIFYING member of the much respected Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the Artistic Guild of the WPJA (AGWPJA). This means my wedding photography portfolio was deemed of a high enough quality to qualify for membership.  It also means I have to work to and abide by their strict professional code of conduct.

3. Multiple Award Winning Wedding Photographer


I have won multiple awards for my wedding photography within the wedding industry. These respected and competitive awards demonstrate the quality of my photography  and act as a reassurance to my ability to deliver creative and stunning wedding photos for you.

4. I Am Fully Insured


I have full and comprehensive wedding photography insurance, including third party liability and professional indemnity. So if the worst were to happen, you have complete peace of mind that I am fully covered. In addition, many wedding venues require your wedding photographer holds the kind of insurance.

5. Risk Adverse

Gipsy Hill Wedding Photography South London

I am completely risk adverse and reduce the risk of something going wrong on your wedding day as much as possible. Of course, you cannot completely eliminate risk altogether, but I believe I do as much as can. This includes: having 4 camera bodies with me, carrying at least 7 lenses, only using professional and robust equipment, backing up all memory cards immediately I take them out of the camera and keeping at least 4 different copies of your images until you receive them.

So I hope that gives you some more good reasons to talk to me about being your wedding photographer.

Contact Me Now

Hyatt Regency Churchil London Wedding Photography

If you’d like a multiple award winning London wedding photographer to be part of your special day, then I’d really love to chat with you about your wedding plans and discuss my candid wedding photography approach.

Call me right now on 07920 422144 or alternatively send me a message via my contact page. I will be delighted to hear from you.

Wedding photography at Littleton House, Surrey, of two mature wedding guests playing joyful during the evening reception.

Why I Love This Image: The Playful Wedding Guests

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When you look at this wedding photography from Chloe & Dan’s wedding at Littleton House in Shepperton, Surrey, what do you see? ¬†Two wedding guests larking about? The father of the groom larking about with a bald man? ¬†Two older men who should know better? Well, when I look at this I see a lifetime connection of friendship.

The man with the napkin on his head is the lifelong friend of the other man, who just happens to be the bride’s father. Napkin man also the best man at his friend’s wedding decades before. And here they are playing around joyfully at a wedding many many years later.

And for me, this is what weddings are all about – a celebration of love, friendships and lifetime connections. It’s why I love applying a candid storytelling approach as a wedding photography. To be unobtrusive and naturally observe these moments is what makes each and every wedding story unique to the couple, family and friends involved. Weddings create memories to be cherished and friendships that last a lifetime. It’s a huge honour and privilege, as a wedding photographer, to be part of it all.

That’s why I love this image of a fun and relaxed moment. It’s real, it’s genuine and it’s an ongoing moment that started generations ago on a school playground and is literally being replicated again now at the daughter’s wedding.

I hope you love this image as much as I do. It would be super helpful and lovely if you could like share it across your social media.

Getting married at Littleton House, Surrey, or elsewhere, and enjoy my natural, candid and relaxed storytelling approach to wedding photography? Then call me on 07920 422144 or send an email via my contact page. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Northamptonshire wedding photography at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

Emily & Phil’s 1st Sedgebrook Hall Wedding Anniversaty

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It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since Emily & Phil’s wedding at Sedgebrook Hall in Northamptonshire. ¬†Very much like today we were blessed with some glorious summer weather, that just added to the warm mood of the wedding.

Northamptonshire wedding photographer at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

Of course, a few things have changed since then, I’m no longer Daz Shoots Weddings but, of course, Lehane Wedding Photojournalism. Not that the name change has changed my wedding photojournalism approach.

Northamptonshire wedding photography at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

Emily and Phil’s wedding day definitely offered up ample opportunity of real moments, genuine emotions and true stoies to be documented and create a unique record of the wedding day.

Northamptonshire wedding photography at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

And with Sedgebrook Hall providing such a wonderful backdrop,it was a fantastiic day all round. So all that’s left to say is, happy 1st anniversary Emily and Phil!

Northamptonshire wedding photography at Sedgebrook Hall in Chapel Brampton, Northants

You can see Emily and Phil’s Sedgebrook Hall wedding photography here.

If you’re getting married at Sedgebrook Hall in Northamptonshire, or elsewhere, and enjoy my non traditional and storytelling approach to wedding photography, then I’d love to hear from you. Give me a call now on 07920 422144 or send me a message via my contact page and I’ll be delighted to discuss your wedding plans with¬†you.